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Apple Cheeks

Washable Swim Diaper – Bloom

AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper is a super soft, super cute swim solution! As we know you LOVE the styling of the AppleCheeks Diaper Cover, we’ve translated the design to a product that really works for the pool, the lake or the beach!

AppleCheeks Washable Swim DiaperTwo layers of 100% polyester Canadian-milled mesh allows water to comfortably move through the diaper while keeping any solids, should they occur at an inopportune time, out of the water.

Our diaper is completely designed and manufactured right in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, just like the rest of our AppleCheeks line.

And our signature two-size system with snaps at the waist and separately adjustable snaps at the thigh means your little one is guaranteed a comfortable, long-last fit.

Size 1 fits approximately 7 – 23lbs
Size 2 fits approximately 18 – 35lbs
Size 3 fits approximately 30 – 65+lbs

CAD $21.99

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