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Christoper Jitter – Travel Toy

  • Jittering feedback
  • Clip for easy attachment
  • Variety of playful, soft textures
  • Crinkly fabric
  • Easy-to-grasp teether
  • Small enough to take anywhere, Christopher Jitter stimulates your baby to use fingers and hands in a variety of ways, thereby helping your little one develop fine motor skills.
  • The clearly defined face, bright colours, sounds and textures stimulate baby’s senses and support development.

CAD $14.99

In Stock

Colorful take-along jittering toy
  • Charming on the go fox clip-toy with jittery feedback that stimulates the senses and helps develop fine motor skills.
  • Engaging high-contrast basic colors especially appropriate for young babies.
  • Featuring Christopher, an all-smiles inquisitive fox named after the great explorer, Christopher Columbus.
  • Part of the Meadow Days™ Collection! Encouraging your baby’s development by inspiring Moments of Wonder™.

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