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Spectrum Hardware Mounted Gate

The Spectrum gate, sculpted from a single piece of furniture grade wood blends together contemporary design and the Qdos higher standard of safety. Look beyond the beauty and the finish, and you’ll see a world-class gate that meets the toughest European Safety Standards as well as the US and Canadian Standards. The Spectrum Hardware Mount Gate features the exclusive FastMount™ Rails, making it truly the simplest hardware mounted gate on the market to install.
The warm sophisticated design of the Spectrum Gate will protect your precious ones and enhance the beauty of your home. Beauty and Safety, together at last.

CAD $209.99

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-Easily adjusts to fit any opening between 29.2 and 40.5” without the need for any additional parts or pieces.

-Sometimes it’s not possible to have the gate installed perfectly perpendicular between two walls. Thanks to the FastMount™ Rails on the Spectrum Hardware Mount gate this no problem as it can be installed at different angles all the way up to 180 degrees. This allows you to install the gate on the walls in front of an opening, instead of right in the opening.

-The included adhesive level helps you keep the FastMount™ Rails perfectly positioned during installation. With the included installation marker simply mark the location for the screw holes. It couldn’t be simpler and faster!

-Quarter round moldings are always a challenge when installing a gate, but we have you covered. If there is a quarter round present, simply pull out the quarter round insert from the bottom of the FastMount™ Rail and it fits right over the molding.

-The included baseboard adapters allow you to install the gate perfectly over baseboards up 3/4” (19 mm) thick and 4 ¼” (11 cm) tall. The top adapter also comes with spacers to allow you to mount the FastMount™ Rail perfectly vertical even if the wall isn’t perfect, without the need for any additional accessories.

-The Spectrum Hardware Mount gate is approved for use at the top or bottom of stairs as well as openings/doorways.



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