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Ryan & Rose

Double Lotus Cutie Clip

The Double Lotus Cutie Clip is made from real lead free/chrome-free American leather that is buttery soft. Measuring approximately 7.5” long, each hand braided leather piece is securely attached to a lead free Ryan & Rose clip on both ends.  Each clip is masterfully designed with a padded insert to protect the fabric it is attached to.  It is handmade in the USA by Flourish Leather Company.

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The Double Cutie Clip is an essential for any mom on-the-go. Easily clip your little one’s favorite blanket, lovey, or toy to their stroller, car sets, or clothing.

This clip can also be used to secure a nursing cover. Simply place one clip on the cover and and the other on your clothing. You’ll be securely covered, ready to feed your baby, without worrying about anything falling out of place.

  • For spots and spills, wipe off excess liquid immediately and let air-dry. If necessary, use warm water and mild-detergent soap, work into a thin lather with a soft cloth, rinse with clean water and buff to restore luster.  Do not place clip in washing machine or soak in water.  Doing so may compromise the overall quality of the clip.  Due to the natural quality of the material, slight stretching or bleeding may occur when this product comes into contact with excess water.  Variations are possible due to leather hide availability. If leather becomes hard after it gets wet and dries, you can apply coconut oil, or any type of natural oil to soften.
  • This is not a toy. Inspect clip before every use and discard if damaged. Do not tie around a child’s neck and never allow a child to use while sleeping. Does contain small parts.
  • Due to wear and tear, Cutie Clips do not come with a warranty. Like any baby product that is used on a daily basis, Cutie Clips should be alternated every 2 months for sanitary reasons.

*Please note, when leather comes in contact with moisture dye may run.  Due to the natural state of leather hides, shedding may occur.

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