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Nook Sleep System

Pebble Pillow

Amazingly comfortable, cool, moisture-wicking Pebble sleep solution for kids and parents alike.

You’re not dreaming…yet. We’ve created the Pebble Pillow for the whole house to enjoy! This unique memory foam noodle filled pillow is surrounded by the organic, removable Pebble Wrap cover offering the perfect balance of structure and coziness. The Pebble Pillow will send you swiftly to dreamland night after night.

The Pillow That Keeps You Cool, Naturally
The Pebble Pillow Wrap that surrounds the memory foam core is organic, made from cotton and eucalyptus. Working together in perfect harmony, these two materials make the cover supremely soft and naturally temperature regulating. Paired with the raised pebble design, air will move around you all night while you sleep soundly. No more waking up sweaty and uncomfortable. The resilient re-purposed memory foam noodles snap right back into place once you rise from a great night’s sleep and will be ready for you come bed time.

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Using earth’s oldest safeguard, natural zinc guards against any unwanted intrusion and keeps the mattress clean and germ free.

The Pebble Pillow design promotes airflow over and through the pillow.

Water Resistant
Nanosphere technology offers protection against the inevitable messes without compromising safety.

Stain Resistant
A bit of drool or last nights mascara? No need to fret. Your Pebble Pillow wrap is naturally stain resistant.

Our materials are naturally microbe-resistant and hypoallergenic to be gentle on the most sensitive skin.

Machine Washable
Simply unzip and throw your wrap in the washing machine! Its softness, health benefits and color will last wash after wash.

When organic materials are not an option, we commit to sourcing only the safest man made materials.

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