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Nook Sleep System

Pebble Pillow Jr.

The Nook Pebble Pillow Jr. is filled with 100% organic kapok and is made in the USA!

Not too big and not too small. The Pebble Pillow Jr. is just right. Developed with your growing child’s needs in mind, this organic pillow offers comfort and support, along with the perfect incline for his or her petite neck and spine.

So much more than a Toddler Pillow
Unlike it’s less then comrades, the Pebble Pillow Jr. is not limited to the narrow window of 18+ months to 3 or 4 years. Instead, this versatile pillow is perfect for your toddler or preteen. The 100% Natural kapok (silk-cotton) pillow core paired with the super soft Pebble Wrap pillow case works is harmony to offer breathable comfort for kiddos of all ages.

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The Pebble Pillow Jr. uses only the most natural materials; organic Kapok, Whisper Liner, Cotton and Eucalyptus.

Using earth’s oldest safeguard, natural zinc guards against any unwanted intrusion and keeps the pillow clean and germ free.

The Pebble Pillow Jr. design promotes airflow over and throughout the pillow core, keeping your little one cool and comfortable.

Machine Washable
Some of us drool when we sleep. It happens! Simply unzip and throw your Pebble Pillow wrap in the washing machine! The softness and all the health benefits will last wash after wash.

Every material and process that goes into making your Pebble Pillow Jr. is highly considered and deemed safe for toddler, kiddo and parents alike.

All Natural
Sourced and inspired by nature, every material is derived from the earth.

Water Resistant
Nanosphere technology offers protection against the inevitable messes without compromising breathability.

Stain Resistant
The natural stain resistant barrier protects your pillow against undesired messes.

Our materials are naturally hypoallergenic offering added protection for little ones that struggle with allergies or skin sensitivities.

All of our materials are not only ethically and sustainable sourced but we also re-purpose materials whenever possible.

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