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Lovenest – White

A ergonomic head support helps prevent flat head syndrome
  • Ergonomic head support developed by a peadiatrician to help prevent flat-head syndrom
  • Unique shape and special angle of incline designed to distribute pressure evenly limits the concentration on the back of the head
  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Can be used from birth in bassinet, swing, bouncer, stroller, high chair
  • Machine washable

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Designed & Patented by a Pedeatrician:

The Lovenest pillow was designed and patented by Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, well-known Pediatrician, who noticed that a side effect of having babies lie on their back was the development of postural plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, due to the weight of the baby’s head lying in the same position for a long period of time. The Lovenest’s unique ergonomic design helps to remove the pressure from the back of the skull and distribute it evenly, allowing the head to maintain its proper shape while the skull is still forming during the first year of a baby’s life. The soft, breathable cotton fabric ensures comfort and ventilation, while baby sleeps. An added benefit to its design is that it creates a cocoon-like holding effect that soothes and reassures the baby.

Portable & Easy to Use with all your Baby Gear:

Beautiful design and beneficial design: The patented tilt and heart-shape of the Lovenest’s memory foam covered with soft, luxurious, breathable cotton fabric, provides style and comfort. It can be used from birth as an insert for a bassinet, swing, bouncer, baby gym, stroller and more to maximize the head and neck support babies need.


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