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Herobility-HeroBottle 240ml/ 8oz – White

Double Anti Colic System and Breast shaped Teat:
Traditional Anti Colic Systems are all based on the same principle, developed by Joseph W Less in 1946. It’s based on a ventilation hole preventing a vacuum, creating an even flow and preventing the baby from swallowing air. After 70 years, the next generation of teats is here, patent pending and developed by Herobility!

HeroTeat’s oval breastlike shape fits your baby’s mouth perfectly, gives a natural latch and makes the transition between nursing and bottle feeding easier.
The unique curved design closes the corners of your baby’s mouth, reducing the risk of drooling, and completely blocks air from entering the mouth.
The traditional vent gives the formula an even flow, prevents a vacuum from forming in the bottle, and stops your child from swallowing excess air.

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Mixer lid and net for lump free mixing: The traditional way to mix formula is by covering the hole of the teat with one finger and shaking the bottle. It often results in spillage, mess, and lumps in the teat, which can result in blockage, and your child swallowing air.

The unique Mixer Lid from Herobility makes mixing easier by transforming your baby bottle into a shaker. In coordination with the Mixer Net the Mixer Lid revolutionizes mixing formula, with no lumps and no mess. The Mixer Lid also protects the teat when transporting the bottle.

HeroStorage makes it easier to bring formula, food, or snacks on your day out.
The leak proof container safely stores formula, breastmilk, snacks, baby food, and more. The container is also microwave and freezer proof. Each container holds 100 ml, or one large portion of formula. Bring more than one by attaching them to each other, and to the bottom of a HeroBottle or HeroSippy.
Drain lines for dishwasher water.
HeroBottle has drain lines, letting water run off in the dishwasher. This makes sure your HeroBottle is always clean and fresh!

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