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Doodle It Book, Aeroplane

Inspired by her daughter, who would repeatedly waste paper by creating stories in her notebook, then crumple up the pages, only to start a new story all over again, Grace invented the original, reusable Doodle It & Go Book. Revolutionary and patent-pending, our 8 page Doodle It & Go Book provides an endless landscape for your child’s creative energy. It’s great for home, travel, dining out, and just about anywhere your child has idle time. It comes with our exclusive patented Zero Dust™ ButterStix™ (4 pcs). Not only will you save paper, but cleaning afterwards is a breeze–a match made in heaven.

Warning: Add a 12-pcs ButterStix™ now because once the 4-pcs run out, you may have an artist in waiting!

Ages 3 & up
Size: 8″x8″ when closed, 8″x16″ when opened

CAD $29.95

Please be aware this is a preorder. The products will be shipped to you once they become available

Please read:

Because ButterStix® have no dust, they might leave “ghost chalk marks” from the oil that is contained in the chalk. This is normal, especially after using the chalks repeatedly on the same surface. You can “cure” the Chalk Table Runner™ by smearing traditional white chalk across the Runner and erase with a dry cloth, then try it with our chalks. A Magic Eraser also works wonders in erasing the “ghosting.”

When used on Chalkboard Paint or Chalkboard Painted surfaces, ButterStix® can leave a permanent “shadowing” when removed. Depending on the surface, it can be removed completely with a Magic Eraser. Sometimes, however, it will permanently leave behind a remnant of your project. Nowadays, there are many different types of decorative “chalkboards”. Many seem to be non-porous, but unless the frame is made of a material like a slate or metal, most likely they have been covered with a chalkboard paint-like material by the manufacturer. Therefore, it almost always will leave the shadowing behind. Please keep that in mind if you use them in your home and test first prior to use.

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