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Cocoon High Chair

The Complete high chair, Cocoon with its ergonomic design transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding modern high chair . When you’re ready to introduce new flavors to your baby’s taste buds, the Cocoon high chair will be baby’s perfect companion from bottle feeding, assisted feeding all the way till they start feeding themselves and join the family table. The Cocoon is sturdy, easy to use, has ample space for food play and wipes down like a dream.


Recliner mode for early stages, perfect for bottle-feeding and taking naps.
Waterproof seat pad: Cleaning up is easy with the waterproof-foam seat pad with no seams to catch food bits. For a thorough clean up, remove the seat pad and wash it down.
Unique assisted-feeding mode: The unique Food & Cup Holder attaches to the side allowing you to come closer and to feed easier.
Enormous, versatile tray with ample space food play. The top liner of the 2-piece tray removes easily for food preparation. Dishwasher safe.
With 6 height adjustment, baby can join the family table. Designed for modern homes, it can easily be folded and stored away but when not folded, it’s a statement-piece in itself.
Age Suitability: 6 months up till 3 years of age.

CAD $299.99

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