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Baby Munchables – Banana & Mango

Nosh’s Baby Munchables are yummy teething wafers made with 100% organic ingredients. These artisan style rice wafers are super popular with the under-four-feet crowd. Nosh’s flavours range from classic to foodie, delighting even the tiniest tastebuds. The organic rice flour base of this teething snack dissolves easily in baby’s mouth, and the oval shape is perfect for tiny fingers to grasp. Drop them in a tote bag or keep a few in the kitchen — they’re great for on-the-go or right-at-home.

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• Dissolves easily
• No mess
• Free of 8 common allergens
• Always baked
• Suitable for babies ready for solid food
• No artificial colours or flavours

• Ingredients: organic rice flour, organic sugar, organic banana and mango powder, sea salt

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