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Auto-Close SafeGate

Convenience AND Safety. Don’t be fooled. Not all auto-close gates are created equal. The Qdos Auto-Close SafeGate meets the toughest European Safety Standards as well as the US and Canadian Standards. Just release the opened door and it automatically closes and latches into a locked positon behind you. For added peace of mind, Qdos added the At-A-Glance Indicator™ so you can confirm with a quick glance that the gate is securely locked.

If a gate is not installed properly, it’s not safe. Qdos makes it easy to make sure your gate is installed properly and securely – the first time. QRF Spindles™ make installation over quarter round moldings a breeze, and the included magnetic level and AccuInstall Indicators™ simplify the process. It’s quickly becoming the benchmark for auto-close gates.

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-This strong and sturdy Qdos gate meets the very tough requirements of the European Safety Standards, as well as the US and Canadian Safety Standards. Many other gates on the US and Canadian markets would not be able to withstand European testing.

-After walking through the Auto-Close gate the spring loaded hinge will quickly and safely close and lock the gate behind you. You can hear it click into place and you can see the green At-A-Glace Indicator™ showing a secure closure.

-Quarter round moldings normally make proper installation of a pressure mount gate almost impossible, as the lower spindles hit the rounded surface of the quarter round molding and tend to slip. Our unique QRF Spindle™ goes over the quarter round and allows for a perfect installation allowing the gate to be flush with the floor, unlike other gates.

-The AccuInstall Indicators™ make installation easy and most importantly provide peace of mind that the gate has been installed correctly. The magnetic level helps you keep the gate perfectly positioned during installation.

-The wide door on the Auto-Close gate automatically closes and the At-A-Glance Indicator™ on the handle confirms that the gate is properly locked and secure.

-The SecureHold adhesive wall cups are necessary to use with the Auto-Close SafeGate in order to get a secure installation. Installing any pressure mount gate without wall cups is simply not safe, regardless of gate model or location. Adhesive only installation is only recommended for installation in a painted door frame, framed opening or painted and smooth drywall. In any other situation you must also use the included screws.

-All pressure mount gates have a connecting bottom rail that creates a tripping hazard, especially at night. To help minimize this hazard, we have the NiteSafe™ Glow in the Dark strip illuminating the bottom rail. Qdos recommends never using any pressure mount gate at the top of the stairs.

-This gate will fit openings from 30” up to 47.8” (76 – 121.5 cm) by the addition of up to 6 extensions. Two extensions are included and additional ones are available as accessories.

-Pressure mount gates have a bar that runs across the bottom. This is a tripping hazard, we recommend never using ANY pressure mounted gate at the TOP of the stairs for this reason.

-The wide 22.75” (58 cm) door makes passing through the gate a breeze carrying children, groceries or laundry.



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